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Enterprise Social Computing promises:
• A more transparent, more connected organization
• Increased Employee Engagement
• Better and lower cost talent management
• Practical Social Learning/Knowledge Management
• A dynamic innovation culture

Can SharePoint really deliver this?

If you add nGage from OI Software, we think it can.

And you can deploy it today as a native extension to your MOSS installation: it even automatically inherits your existing styles and themes. And you get a simple upgrade to the 2010 version whenever you’re ready.

MOSS comes out of the box with some good social/Web 2.0 features. SharePoint 2010 even more so. And while nGage supplements these, what makes it really interesting is the way you can use it to drive to the Tipping Point and beyond.This is a great opportunity to tune in to some latest thinking around Social Computing – and practical strategies for making it work for your organization.

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