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Project Management 2.0 using SharePoint 2007

Project Management 2.0 (social project management) is the natural evolution of project management practices brought by Web 2.0 technologies. Internal / Virtual teams now can work together more efficiently by utilizing the new-generation, web-based project management tools . These tools such as blogs, wikis, collaborative software, which are out of the box SharePoint features challenge the original definition of project management. Project Management 2.0 represents a dramatic shift toward having collaboration as the heart of project management. The transformation appears in the role of the project manager, in the interaction with clients and the technology.

What we’ll cover:

• What is web 2.0?
• What is project management 2.0?
• Compare and contrast with current (old) project management approaches
• Why project management 2.0 fails
• Project management 2.0 challenges
• SharePoint and project management 2.0- the natural fit

Date and Time 9/11/2008 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

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Documentation automation with SharePoint

With SharePoint and MS Office you can now simplify and streamline your business process to automate documents using multiple sources of data and make them “intelligent” by embedding your data and business rules directly in Microsoft® Office documents to provide real-t ime access and results for your transactions. Learn how to:

  • Go beyond “fill-in-the-blank” solutions
  • Capture data, special language, and rules in the document
  • Change data right in the document one and populate everywhere
  • Save time and money — and eliminate errors!
  • Status tracking of documents
  • Show dashboards for documents in progress and complete
  • True collaboration of document automation
  • Apply workflow approval to documents
  • Ensure business-wide consistency and accuracy
  • Push data to XML, SQL, or another non MS database.
  • Build truly dynamic content

This web cast is ideally suited for companies which have documents such as contracts or inspection reports which involve:

  • Complex transactions which are governed by rules and/or business practices
  • Documents automated based upon “rules”
  • Critical Compliance
  • Templates

Date and Time 9/17/2008 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM
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