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I’m presenting this web x next month. Based on a recent implementation. A great tool for innovation:

SharePoint:- The New, Faster Face of Innovation

Call it innovation on steroids, or innovation at warp speed. Or just the innovation of rapid innovation. But the essential point remains: SharePoint is transforming innovation at its core, allowing companies to test new ideas at speeds—and prices—that were unimaginable even a decade ago.

It is not what work you an expect employee to accomplish per month ; it is the work you never expected would happen, that suddenly creates new business.

Collaboration is important to innovation and for many companies their top sources of innovation are their employees.Innovation initiatives that used to take months and megabucks to coordinate and launch can often be started with crowd sourcing techniques and e-forms in seconds. That is what makes innovation the lifeblood of growth within any company.

What we’ll cover in this session:
– Why is innovation so important
– Why companies fail with innovation
– What does all of this experimentation look like in practice on a SharePoint page
– How to implement the idea creation process with SharePoint. It’s more than a submit form
– 5 reasons not to innovate in your company

Date: 9/24/2009 Time: 12:30 EST Click here to attend

Remember ideas and insights are useless unless implemented. Only Actions produce results