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  1. Open Central administration SharePoint web site


  1. In the manage web application


  1. Select the web application that you want to extend or create Alternate access mapping



  1. Create new IIS web site and name it to identify unique

In this document preparation I named the Alternate access mapping as Sharepoint-Custom80.

  1. Select the appropriate port, as my SharePoint -80 web application listening on 80. This has been changed to 80.




  1. Type a host header along with FQDN.
  2. Select the authentication provider, commonly it is NTLM and allow anonymous access, select as you want, in this case it is “No” and choose the public url, in this demonstration I typed as follows


  1. Click ok and our new cloned web application created.
  2. Open Internet Information server and see the new web application created in it.

  1. Open DNS MMC snap-in and add a CNAME record for new cloned site.


b.Fill-out the CNAME record properties and click OK.



Now browse newly created cloned website http://newsite.local


You should be set up go.