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In the past couple of months, I’ve seen a number of people with the Remarkable 2 writing device.  The Remarkable 2, touts itself as the world’s thinnest writing device and feels like drawing on real paper.

The reviews are good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIwc2iE8qpA

Wired Magazine gave a good review, but said, ‘This E Ink tablet excels at taking your handwritten notes, but it doesn’t do much else well.’.   The tablet is a one-purpose device, it doesn’t pretend or claim to be anything else– Only note-taking that’s it.  No email, no Office, and no Facebook (probably a good thing).

The challenge I have with this device is OneNote integration, as with all notes, there needs to be a repository for all notes, not just reMarkable 2 notes. And in my world like other people, this repository is OneNote.

There are a few options to integrate reMarkable notes to OneNote. This video is one method that explained How to integrate your reMarkable 2 with OneNote easily.    Two options:

Option 1:  iPhone app to send documents to OneNote app on iPhone.   Bit fiddly, too many clicks and only PDFs.

Option 2:    Email forwarding to OneNote

Both of the options work, but they rely on the user to set up the rule and configuration and there are a bit too many steps for my liking.  It is also not ideal for an IT department to manage a couple of users, so an alternative is to use a shared mailbox and set up a flow to manage the forwarding of email to a user’s OneNote. This can all be centrally managed, which is the win here.

This blog post explains how to use Flow and a forwarding rule that can be set up on a shared mailbox, to copy Remarkable Notes to an individual’s OneNote page.

This is an example of an email from remarkable.    This will be referenced in the flow

From: my=remarkable.com@my.remarkable.com <my=remarkable.com@my.remarkable.com> on behalf of Peter <my@remarkable.com>
Sent: Wednesday, October 6, 2021 4:09 PM
To: Peter Ward <Remarkablenm@sohoTestdragon.onmicrosoft.com>
Subject: Document from my reMarkable: Notebook 5

This is testing Emailing to Shared mailbox.

PS: You cannot reply to this email

Sent from my reMarkable paper tablet
Get yours at


  1. Create a shared Mailbox (This part is easy)

2. Create a flow on new email arriving in the shared mailbox

A download of this flow is here

High-level Steps

High-level Flow Steps

Flow Steps Explained

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