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Media Focused Webinar• Have you excelled quicker than you should?• Have an informal process that really should be formalized?

SharePoint has been the fastest growing product in Microsoft history. By making it easier to manage content and streamline processes.

Learn how to:• Display a media calendar of Digital, OOH , Print, Radio, Retail, TV, Other campaigns
• Automate campaign due dates • Stream line the process for each media type:Planning —> Approval —> Buying
• Authorizations of media plans, schedules, flow charts• Automate your performance metrics: Post-Analysis, Digital – Tracking, TV – Post-Buy Summaries
• Dashboard research from different sources: Nielson, Workhorse• View your billing schedule in 2 clicks• Reports: US budget, spending vs. marketing. With drill down functionality
• Provide metrics and data visibilities to monitor performance capacity forecasts and inventory availability to guide sales activities.
• Timesheet tracking of your campaignsIf you put your finger in the air, to get a sense of how your business is performing, this free webinar is for you.

Imagine a world where there is 1 version of the information, based on fact!! SharePoint can be that world..

Communicate + Collaborate + Coordinate = SharePoint