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Microsoft has released a technical preview of Office 2010. This is a pre-beta release intended for feedback, as well as promotion, so it’s not feature-complete and may change before the final release planned for the first half of 2010.

I’ve just downloaded it, for vacation viewing.

Nevertheless, it offers a fair guide to what Microsoft is planning for its ubiquitous office suite.

The short summary is ‘a lot more of the same’: more of the lovely Office Ribbon UI, more integration of the Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and more integration with SharePoint …whoopy.

Microsoft appears to be targeting the web-based Office suites from Google, Zoho, Adobe, and Lotus’s Symphony market offerings.

The big thing about Office 2007 was the new XML-based document formats, and the Ribbon. Office 2010 feels more like a refinement of the earlier version. The Ribbon is now extended to Outlook, which is a nice feature.

I may do a post vacation reveiw.

Off to Tawian for two weeks