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In 2006 it was the BRIC countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China…..

I think this was first used by Goldman Sachs to define certain countries that are rapidly developing and sooner rather than later will have a higher GDP than the US (I hope that doesn’t mean more MacDonalds on high streets around the world. It’s going be tough to walk anywhere in the world without stepping over an abandoned super sized chocolate milk shake splattered over the side walk. I think some of these countries have suffered enough from modern day influences).

I suppose BRIC it’s a bit more dramatic than saying emerging markets which is so 80s.

In 2007 my prediction is ‘Text Mining’ will be the hot buzz word of 2007. So what is text mining I hear you ask?

Wikipedia has a good definition.

Now SharePoint is the perfect tool for Text Mining , as it has the ability to meta tag data, search across the portal, network drives, even down to the users desktop. Rather neat.