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One of the biggest challenges of running projects is collaboration. Conversations like ‘It’s in my in box’,or ‘Which scope document version are we now using?’, are so common. Discover how tostandardize where team members keep files, how they name them and how otherteam members and clients canaccess them? The last thing you need is for the client to find what they want in the last place they look. That’s a productivity killer, and effective project management relies on efficiency.
We’ll cover
· The SharePoint technical requirements for running a project.
· Project management best practices with SharePoint
· Out of the box SharePoint project features- Ganttcharts, workflow, issue tracking, email routing.
· How to get the project team on board, quickly and with training.
· How to overcome information overload.
· Project email tracking.
· Differences between SharePoint and Project Server 2007
· Why implement Project Server or SharePoint?
Date: Thursday , April 3rd 2008
Time: 2:00pm EST