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A new service that I’m offering:

If you feel that there are some performance issues with your SharePoint environment and you need a review these, I can help by providing comprehensive health checkup. This can be one off or an ongoing activity. This is a list of the items that would be evaluation/audited during a SharePoint 2010 health check. It covers the basics of any SharePoint farm.

1) Hardware Resources Check: Installed Software, Allocated Storage, Hardware Profiles and Resource Usage, IIS Settings and Logs, Event Logs Diagnosis.

2) Environment Topology: Participating servers and roles, Outgoing email settings, Incoming email settings, Diagnostic Logging and Usage Analysis, Timer Job Status and Diagnosis, License Type evaluation, Cumulative Update Level evaluation.

3) Web Applications and Content Databases: Web Applications Evaluation, Content Databases Evaluation, Database properties and sizing, Transaction log properties and allocation, SQL and Web Application Authentication Evaluation.

4) Service Applications and Service Accounts: Service accounts, Managed accounts, General Service Applications, User Profile Service Application, Search Service Application, Service Applications Authentication Evaluation.