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From an official MS blog post. I think Apple and Google still have a long way to go.


Number of Windows 7 licenses sold, making Windows 7 by far the fastest growing operating system in history.

7.1 million

Projected iPad sales for 2010.

58 million

Projected netbook sales in 2010.

355 million

Projected PC sales in 2010.

100% Percent chance that Salesforce.com CEO will mention Microsoft in a speech, panel, interview, or blog post.

MS have a bit of humour here 🙂

173 million Global Gmail users.

284 million Global Yahoo! Mail users.

360 million Global Windows Live Hotmail users.

299 million Active Windows Live Messenger Accounts worldwide.

Rank of Windows Live Messenger globally compared to all other instant messaging services.

$8.2 Billion Apple Net income for fiscal year ending Sep 2009.

$6.5 Billion Google Net income for fiscal year ending Dec 2009.

$14.5 Billion Microsoft Net Income for fiscal year ending June 2009.

$23.0 billion Total Microsoft revenue, FY2000.

$58.4 billion Total Microsoft revenue, FY2009.

Looks impressive, however as the NY Times pointed out :

Bing, its search engine, attracted 21.4 million new users in one year, Mr. Shaw says. Very well, but he does not mention the following: in 2007, the company’s online services group lost $604 million; in 2008, $1.2 billion; and in 2009, the year of Bing’s introduction, $2.25 billion.