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When LinkedIn web site came out, it seemed like an another version of www.plaxo.com, a form of on line rolodex. I never bothered with it and ignored most requests from people to updated my details.

LinkedIn in has really come of age in the past 12 months, not just in technology such as integrating into Slideshare, but the user community that uses it and how they collaborate with it.

I was looking at buying a GPS system and asked this question and had 36 responses in 24 hrs. In fact a whole thread of discussion occurred with tips and techniques. It made the purchase very easy.

One of the tips someone liked with the Garmin, was the ability to change the accent of the voice on the GPS to British English.

I did this and I thought it’ll be a great business model to have accent downloads for a gps, similar to ring tone downloads….such as Yoda, Darth Vader, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Obama, etc….etc.

Of course when I did some research on the web, and someone had beaten me to the market.