InfoPath forms on the cheap….Not really.

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I was speaking to a client who has MS Office professional rolled out to its organization and this Office version has the InfoPath client deployed. They were strongly under the impression that they didn’t need the SharePoint Enterprise license, because the forms part had been paid for with their Office purchase.

This is not correct, as once the form is submitted to the server, the SharePoint Enterprise bit needs to take action and capture the submitted form.

Oh the joys of MS licensing.

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  1. Forms Services (browser-based forms)–Enterprise feature, requires MOSS Enterprise licensing and CALs and all that loveliness.

    Forms submitted to a form library via Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 (NOT via the browser)–WSS feature, free. Requires license for InfoPath on each desktop, but as far as SharePoint licensing is concerned, free.

    So…this is awkward.

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