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I’ve been working with this recently and have a few comments and tips.

Yes custom lists, can be converted into InfoPath forms.    This is ideal, when the requirements change and you think to yourself……If I’d known how complex the form was at the beginning then I’d have started with InfoPath.

There are  few things to note with InfoPath forms in lists:

-It’s quick. To Start.  Just use the button on the Ribbon

-No repeating tables-fields are saved directly in lists.  Each field turns into a column

-No code

-Can’t use an XML schema

-The Submit is straight into the library.

If you have a lot of data in the list, you may get a publishing error such as :

INFOPATH: SOAP error on publishing list form

There is some confusion on how to fix this… eg:

It is easy to resolve,  by downloading the list items into Access, deleting the items and then then reimporting them..   This is easier than you think.

One caveat to this, is that the ID number increasing and does not reset when you delete the items