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A nice feature in SP 2010 is the ability to add custom actions to a list drop down menu.

From this:

To this

Notice that graphics can also be added:   The custom actions, can include:  kicking off workflows, going to a URL, or creating a new item…..even in another list.

This is a huge benefit for the user experience, as there is less clicks (yeah!!!!)  and the user can select multiple workflows, from options from just glancing at an item in a list…..

This is done through SharePoint Designer:


1. On the Custom Actions tab, click Custom Action in the New group, and then click Display Form Ribbon.
2. In the Name box type Kick Off workflow. In the Navigate to form list, select
the workflow for the list.
3. In the Button Image URL (16×16) box, click Browse, and then select the image you want to use, such as workflow.gif.  In the Button Image Click OK.