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An article here in the Times on the information overload.

When your inbox is creaking under the weight of emails that you know you just have to read and answer, don’t you sometimes wish that you could stop the clock and give yourself a breather?

Mentions a new feature of Outlook 2007 – Email Prioritizer

Email Prioritizer, it has two main features. The first is like an electronic Do Not Disturb sign. It lets you choose not have any email delivered to your inbox for a specified period of time or until your current meeting ends – as long as it has been scheduled in Outlook.

But it is the second part, the Prioritizer itself, that is more interesting. This rates incoming email messages with between zero and three stars based on a series of rules that you set yourself. For example, it allows you to set how many stars emails from your boss should warrant. If you jump at their every command, you should set it to three. If you think he’s a pompous twit, you can set the priority to zero. You can also set star ratings for your team members, people who you are due to meet in the next few days, people you have emailed recently and emails where you are the only recipient.

Not sure how practical this is going to be, given that it only deals with the part of the problem- The receiver.

For the information overload to be truly resolved, you really need to understand the information and address who is sending it and how it is structured.