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Date: Saturday, December 14

  • Time: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
  • Category: Cloud Services

Event details:

10 steps to know how to make the move to the cloud: The word ‘cloud’ is often thrown around in conversation as if this knowledge is given. But when it comes to file storage, email and instant messaging, screen sharing, life gets a bit complex and daunting. The workshop style presentation introduces you to the : 1. The confusing terms demystified 2. Compare and contrast: a. Drop box, SkyDrive b. Yammer, Facebook c. Google docs and Office 365 d. SharePoint 3. Where to start This is ideal for anyone who is thinking of moving their business activities to the cloud, whether you work for a Fortune 500, or are a Fortune 500,000.


This is an ideal workshop to explain the what, where and how of the cloud. This workflow is presented by: Peter Ward a SharePoint architect and coauthor of 4 SharePoint books and works for the Microsoft partner Soho Dragon Solutions. www.sohodragon.com

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