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SharePoint designer workflow in Office 365.

One thing I’ve discovered with O365 is that you can’t send an email to a non-SharePoint user.   This is different than an on-premise SharePoint designer workflow engine where…

Mystery InfoPath Error – XML has been modified

I had a wacky error the other day on saved InfoPath forms. This prevented edits and approvals. -Is invalid.  It may refer to a nonexistent file or folder…

How to trigger a workflow on a timer basis: Information management policies

This post outlines the steps to configure Information management policy to trigger workflow. Steps: Configure settings on Document Library: Open SharePoint Site and go to Library Settings of…

Extracting email from Active Directory

While building a workflow in SharePoint Designer I came across the problem of sending an email from a Person field with multiple values. I discovered that the value…

Lookup field. Problems.

I discovered this issue the other day. Scenario:  Lookup field intending to bring back the Title field of a Web part page in another list. There’s a problem….

Workflows and surveys

I small thing I discovered today with SharePoint 2007. You can’t do SharePoint Designer workflows with  surveys.

Ever wanted to stop conflicts on a calendar?

This did take some time to think about, but it’s pretty easy. 1. Kick off a workflow when the item is created/modified 2. Add a delay in the…

Presentation from SharePoint Sat- Philly…Go Eagles

The true power of share point designer for workflows philly View more presentations from Peter1020.

K2 Extranet workflows

Situation: – Internally you have K2 installed on Kerberos – You want external folks to fill out a form and it kicks off a K2 Infopath workflow Challenges:…

K2 BlackPoint -Meta data issue

Scenario: Upload a document, attach meta data and kick off a workflow…Simple Eh!! Well not quite. The workflow kicks off, but the xml data structure is blank. Well…

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