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So you want to do a bit of Modern UI

A couple of clients are insisting on the Modern site’s approach for Project and Task management project – here are some additional notes and articles that might be helpful…

Why User Experience Matters for Employees

Why User Experience Matters for Employees from SoHo Dragon

Displaying a rich text field in a view

There’s a couple of 3rd party products out there.. But the simplest way to do this is to use a DVWP and convert the field to a label

200 Countries, 200 Years

  Mark Miller     from NothingButSharePoint, spoke at tonights’s SharePoint NYC User Group’s meeting and discussed amoung other things, future graphing methods, such as this: More about this programme:…

Working with CSS files.

I’ve been working with some complicated pages in SharePoint where there’s just too many CSS styles on the page. Ever doing some digging on the internet, I found…

The cascading style sheet

The concept of a cascading style sheet, is to change the look and feel of an entire web site, by making changes to a single file propagate an…

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