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NYC Teams Tuesday

Teams Tuesday Meetup Sep 2021 Podcast

Content:Wondering why someone can’t unmute? Or why they can? How about why some people can like a message and others can’t even get into the meeting? Come to…

NYC Teams Tuesday

Teams Tuesday Meetup March 2021

Content: This session explains the basics of 3D SharePoint spaces and all you need to know to create your own space. It can be challenging to explain a…

NYC Teams Tuesday

Teams Tuesday Meetup Jan 2021

Abstract: What to automate some customer/business engagement processes? Power Virtual Agents might be just for you. Watch how easy it is to get started, building a bot with…

7 rookie mistakes a SharePoint developer makes when starting Angular development

Once you sent up and install all necessary files to start Angular Development and making use of our app, these are the common mistake that SharePoint developers do….

Client-Side People Picker with Angular CLI

In the new non wsp world of SharePoint development, it’ all client-side development world, we are all aware of using Client-side People picker for our Custom Application including…

How to lead your team to change

Teaching Your Teams to Embrace Change Every organization faces issues when it comes time for a change. For many years, the method for change has entailed “do this,…

Angular- What is it?

Angular is an open source front-end web application platform led by Google. Angular is a complete rewrite of the AngularJS. Angular empowers developers to build applications that live…

A 101 Explanation of AI and How It’s Changing Business Today

Right now, a new breed of technology supplement that formerly only existed in Star Trek movies, is creeping up as part of back end components in various platforms….

Protecting Data Without Blowing The Budget, Part 1: Onsite Backup

Your data is essentially the lifeblood of your business, so making sure it’s both safe and accessible should be a top priority. There are options for both backing…

The Costs Of Making A SaaS Product — And Is It Worth It?

If you want to bring software to the market, you have a couple different options. Until about a decade ago, you’d develop for a certain platform and either…

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