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NYC Teams Tuesday

Teams Tuesday Meetup Oct 2021 Podcast

Content:• The first app (Sums app, easy start)• Tic tac toe/Nought and crosses• Homework ( planets app)• The most recent app ( connect 4) 4 apps to show…

M365 People Picker showing external users

Target Audience  Power Users  Categories  SharePoint  Read Time  10 minutes  Understand time including reading links    2 minutes  Last month I was working with the People Picker feature, which up until now would only display users…

NYC Teams Tuesday

Teams Tuesday Meetup May 2021

Content: This session will be about Migration Strategies 101: If You Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail – Quick Tips To Make Your Move To Microsoft 365 Successful….

NYC Teams Tuesday

Teams Tuesday Meetup March 2021

Content: This session explains the basics of 3D SharePoint spaces and all you need to know to create your own space. It can be challenging to explain a…

NYC Teams Tuesday

Teams Tuesday Meetup Feb 2021

Content: SharePoint Syntex – ingesting content for intelligent tagging Project Cortex Content Centers Modern Term Store Bio: CAT Susch Currently a Technical Architect at NY Microsoft Technology Center,…

Fluent UI Icons

Target Audience Developer Categories MS Teams / Azure / M365 Read Time 10 minutes Understand time including reading links 5 mins The Microsoft developer site has a great…


SharePoint Saturday Ahmedabad Keynote 2019

Target Audience Developer, futurist  Categories SharePoint Saturday/ Keynote | @spsahmedabad Read Time 10 minutes This blog post has some reference links from the keynote I gave on November…

SharePoint – Going from Classic to Modern

10 Things you must know b Sp sat philly2019 from Peter_1020 efore you commit

Sharepoint Saturday NYC coming up

Ever had a problem with Office document not opening in the client app.

Ic: Word, Excel This is the fix. Here are the revised steps. Steps Open the Run Window, this can be done by pressing the “Windows” and “R” Keys…

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