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Trello Vs Ms Planner Vs Asana “A Comparison”

Trello Pros: 1. Swift and easy approach to setup youraccount. Setting up your boards andinviting members is done in minutes. 2. Trello’s free version is relatively wide-ranging and…

The Costs Of Making A SaaS Product — And Is It Worth It?

If you want to bring software to the market, you have a couple different options. Until about a decade ago, you’d develop for a certain platform and either…

10 Tips For Managing Millennials In Tech

I always thought that managing a technical team was a rather straightforward process in the sense that your duties as a leader were clearly defined, paralleling those of…

Getting Excel data into SharePoint.. The simple way

Scenario You are working on a project that requires that migration of Excel data to be pushed into a SharePoint list, where the business process can leverage off…

Meta data

Meta data Meta data is an all so common subject in the SharePoint world. But what is it? Where is the value? Why bother? And how does it…

Applying an IT strategy to SharePoint presentation

Nj sharepoint user group View more PowerPoint from Peter1020

SharePoint ECM- Going green event- ppt deck

Going green kl presentation View more presentations from Peter1020.

The New World of Work..

I like the slide: Co—coordinate, Collaborate, Connect, Co create, Control Nice tag line.

Intranet statistics

So your employees want an intranet?????? Yeah right. Statistics, findings and highlights from the Intranet Insider World Tour in New York City (April 17, 2009). · 80% believe…

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