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Sign that the iPhone is making inroads in the workplace.

This was on an email signature from an email I received: “Please pardon any typos”

Awesome Google service

Just leave it to Google to come up with something like this! Here’s a number worth putting in your cell phone, or your home phone speed dial: 800-GOOG-411….

New Blackberry

Configured my new Blackberry 8830 yesterday. Very impressed. Syncs with Outlook and Hotmail, and renders SharePoint pages. Would recommend these apps: RSS reader Viigo Browser Opera Mini Google…

Cell phone stats

I’d always had the impression that Blackberry had the market completely wrapped up. The iPhone market penetration is impressive. Palm. I bet 3Com are glad they bought them…

Sprint caps the broadband connection card monthly limit, 5GB

Nice of them to tell me, after I’ve extended my contract with them…. Click here Internet access on the largest national Mobile Broadband network. 5 GB/mo. in total…

Shopping for a new phone again

After spending most of Saturday morning surfing the web and wondering around the NJ Short Hill mall in the afternoon-Always amazes me how many parents take their kids…

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