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A post Sandy SharePoint experience share

Last week I had a few issues with an on premise SharePoint development deployments for a few clients. Offices flooded, tech staff not available and a few pressing deadlines, so I looked at the cloud, for at least a temporary solution to development.

Given that the hosting and cloud technology is almost impossible to Google because of the amount of search results, there were 2 companies that I heard of:

I’ve always heard folks talk about Cloudshare at user group meetings. This post is my finding, based on 2 weeks’ worth of activity and on the trial version.

The key advantage with both are:

  • The on demand models are represented in the pricing. Cloudshare has an ‘all you can eat’ user activity model, though your session does switch off after 60 mins. The switch can be switched back easy enough.
  • No server costs
  • Credit card payment
  • 1st month free.

After looking into both services I ended up using Cloudshare, for the simple reason and this did blow me away when set up my credentials I choose my server, memory and hard drive size and 2 minutes later, the server was ready and fully operational. Yes no installation, no domain control, no admin….. non of the set up stuff. All menu driven.

The development began 10 minutes later.

There is even a SharePoint 2013 available.

Final comments:

Amazon (what I read in the sign up process) appears to be great if you need a server running for a day or week and it’s repeatable activity like training or a demo, but you’ll need to take time to install the software and need licenses.

Cloudshare, is easy for development with snap shots, quick and easy to set up, good for testing as well. Does seem to be limited on external urls and if your environment is complicated the pricing model could be expensive.